Hello Stranger,

thank you for stopping by. Maybe you are searching for the right photographer or maybe you are hoping to find some inspiration. Either way, you are welcome to click around and check out the blog or write me an email. Bonus points for good stories. I like good stories.

Your personality and your connection are the source of my inspiration. Some good sceneries here and there, but mainly it’s about people like you. Stereotypes make me uncomfortable, so my work is not about repeating poses, but about who you are.

Listening to your vows and watching happy tears of joy dancing on your cheek - it's these moments I want to capture for you. Maybe – hopefully – I'm not a typical wedding photographer, but if you like what you see and enjoyed reading this, I could be the right photographer for you. OK, enough about me already! Now tell me all there is to know about you and who you're in love with. Tell me all about where we're going and who else will be there. I'm excited to meet you.