Can we make a reservation?

I have a "first book - first serve" policy.

How much time should we plan for the bridal portraits on our wedding day?

The more time we have, the more photos will be made. Best would be to plan about one hour close to sunset.

We don't have much time for bridal portraits, or we can't spend a whole hour for our bridal portraits, but we still want amazing photos. What can we do?

Did you consider booking a Day After Photoshoot, where we can spend a couple of hours just taking photographs of you in your desired location?
Or, if that sounds like too much, we can sneak off for 10-20 minutes around dinner and come back with a handful of photos.

How much do you charge for your photography services?

Photo sessions for couples start at 500,- Euro

Wedding Photo-Documentaries start at 1600,- Euro

Destination Weddings ( >250 kilometers from Munich) start at 3500,- Euro.

Contact me for a full price list.
mail to: aurelmydear@gmail.com

How long until we see the results.

Wedding days are long and going through each and every photo will take me some time. I usually deliver the digital files within 3 weeks. Prints and books will need extra production time. However, I am totally aware that you want to share your official wedding photo with your families and post it to your favorite social media ASAP! So I will happily send you a handful of previews for you to share, within 24 hours.

Can I book you for portraits or other fields of photography?

Absolutely! Let me know what it's all about and we can work something out.